Bon Voyage & Adieu

October 12, 2019 0 By Jeanah Bartruff

We had the opportunity to go on a cruise with my folks, Doug and Linda in May.  Joining us on this adventure was Grandma Evelyn and Uncle Jim.  This was the first cruise for Grandma and Jim and we were thrilled to introduce them to the beauty that is Alaska on our 7 day Inside Passage route.

Our first stop in Juneau, the Mendenhall Glacier.  

Big compacted chunk of silt filled ancient ice in the background – check!

One hot mama in the foreground – check!

We drove “out the road”  to the National shrine of St. Therese.  This is a beautiful stone building on a spit surrounded by the Lynn Canal.  They have some lovely garden walks perfect for peaceful reflection.  Or you could spend most of your time debating what the devil this little guy was – like we did.

If you guessed Marmot, I’m told you would be right.  That was not one of our many many guesses.  This shot does not show it but these little suckers have CRAZY orange buck teeth that look like they can mess you up.

Jim is a fantastic photographer who loves animals and his camera almost never left his side.  Tragically, you will have to suffer with these sad shots from Victor’s phone because though I hear there is a thumb drive with Jim’s photos on it I have yet to see it.

Further “out the road” is the Eagle Beach State Recreation area.

The Eagles proved elusive this day.

It was nice just hanging out on the ship enjoying quiet corners with fantastic views.

Or you could do whatever this fellow is doing in Ketchikan.

Tracy Arm Fjord was full of epic sights but this was my favorite.

Overall a splendid time with family in beautiful places.  That’s the ongoing theme for this last year in a nutshell.

After making our way home again we spent time with family in La Grande.

Wisely, we left most of the flying to Jessy and Bryan.

The weekend before we were to join Vic and Carolyn at Eagle Crest our dear Dingo kitty suffered what appeared to be a debilitating stroke.  His last few days were filled with tuna tidbits and tear filled loves.  I will let you guess which of these he actually tolerated.

You will be missed buddy…