Baseball, Bad weather & Beaches

July 31, 2019 0 By Jeanah Bartruff

Please forgive me for the lack of updates in so long.  I’m throwing Victor under the bus for this one.  Since spring baseball in Phoenix was his thing I requested a write up on it.  That didn’t happen so to sum up spring baseball, I’m sad to say you get my perspective alone.

It was chilly and rained a lot but the pool and hot tub at the Phoenix WorldMark were still delightful!  I’m sorry, I have no baseball information to convey.  I think there were some wins and some losses?  These are guesses based on the general mood of the returning fans.  At least the location was nice.

Right before we were to leave Phoenix and head back to La Grande a major weather system came through dumping 3 feet of snow on Flagstaff (our route home).  We had to laugh.  We left La Grande to avoid the winter weather but experienced the rainiest coldest winter Southern California has had in forever topped off with record snowfall in Arizona.  The route home was adjusted and we were back on the road.  There was some loooong lonely stretches without cell service of any kind.  But the area has it’s own kind of loveliness.

Our route takes us through Las Vegas and just prior to the city is this view.

I guess Vegas needs a lot of juice.

On the 15 in North Las Vegas this bad boy forms in front of us. 

Ummmmm.  Let’s get out of here!

On route to our nights destination of St. George, we are treated to this lovely scene.

It was a great way to end a day of traveling.

We only stayed the one night in St. George but had spectacular weather heading out.  It’s a pretty area and we will come back to explore it in depth in the future.

Our next night was at Wolf Creek Village just NE of Ogden.  Another lovely area we will explore when they are not covered in snow.  This next view is dropping down into I believe North Ogden to catch the 15 North towards home.

And this is why we were trying to escape winter in La Grande!

It was good to be back with family and our ancient kitty Dingo who had been lovingly cared for by my mom Linda, assisted by dad Doug and sister Jessy.

We putzed around La Grande for a couple weeks and helped mom and dad sort some stuff they were getting rid of.  Then it’s back to Depoe Bay for a week with Vic and Carolyn.

What a lovely day for a drive!

Cabbage Hill after a recent snowfall.
I never get tired of this route along the Columbia.

Depoe Bay was beautiful and relaxing and we had a lovely time with Vic and Carolyn.  What more can you ask for than scenic walks, hanging out in the pool and hot tub and enjoying good food together.

The perfect end to the week was my 43rd birthday – dinner at a favorite restaurant where Victor captured this glorious sunset. 

Oooooooooh! Happy Birthday to me indeed!