East & South Yellowstone: Breathtaking or Breath taking?

September 11, 2018 0 By Jeanah Bartruff

In the morning we spend some time exploring our lovely campsite.  

We feel so fortunate, so blessed to be able to explore the beauty that surrounds us here.

It is sheer joy to be in the moment and appreciate the peace and loveliness of the here and now.  

Back on the road we head towards the North East Yellowstone entrance.  There is nothing wrong with the scenery in these parts. The only complaint might be that it’s so breathtaking.

Just a little hike over a small hill and you reach this viewpoint for Tower Fall.

Just down the road are the Upper Falls.

Into this Canyon.

Which was absolutely terrifying.  Holy Moly! I wouldn’t say I’m scared of heights so much as obsessed with the loooooong fall and a sudden violent stop at the end of it.  Gulp.

We then visited the Mud Volcano.

Or I should say, Victor visited the Mud Volcano.  I hid in the van with my Burts Bees chapstick shoved up my nose and my shirt over my face praying he would be quick.  Good Lord it was foul! Imagine a kajillion rotten eggs made into a thick hot stew with teen boys gym sock dumplings, stirred by the devil’s farts from deep in the earth’s core.  Kinda like that, only worse.

I was just so happy to get back to fresh air and wide open spaces.

The dead trees from past forest fires didn’t even phase me.

Because the air was fresh and cool and tasted delicious!

We briefly visited Cody, Wyoming because we needed some things from the store.  Favorite purchase to date, an old school hot water bottle for tootsies at bedtime.  Some of the nights had gotten in the lower 30’s and this little darling was a lifesaver the remainder of our trip.

Just made it back into the park to catch the sun setting over Yellowstone Lake. That glowing orb is Mars. Yeah. Super Cool!

This viewpoint was a great place to hang out, hold hands and wait for the stars to appear on our last night in Yellowstone.

We headed out the South end of the park to find a place to sleep for the night. This task took much longer than we expected as the first eight places on our list were full-up.  Our improvising had us “dark-parking” along a forest service road in the Targhee National Forest.  Tomorrow, Grand Teton National Park.