To Cook or not to Cook? Spoiler Alert: There’s no question!

October 24, 2019 0 By Jeanah Bartruff

At the end of our Long Beach stay we received a call from my dad asking if we wanted to come to Bend and help him cook for a large youth camp.  Apparently the turnout for this was about double what it had been in years passed and dad and mom would be hard pressed to pull it off by themselves.  Victor and I as well as Julie, Jim, Mae, Millie and Nora all drove over.  The first nights meal was trial by fire.  Literally, there was fire involved and poor Jim lost most of his arm hair.  Yikes!

It was difficult finding a levelish place to park the van at the church and by the time we worked it out it was almost midnight.  So so tired, but the security lights in the lot prevented me from sleeping so…

Bob Ross to the rescue!  Thank you Todd and Leanne for such a thoughtful and wonderful gift.  Plus I get to look at happy little trees when I wake up WAY TOO EARLY in the morning.

We survived our several day cooking experience and drove back to La Grande secure in the knowledge we had not missed our calling.

Our stay in La Grande was not a long one but we got a few little projects done before we headed back towards the valley to meet Vic & Carolyn at Depoe Bay.  We stopped on the way at Julie’s amazing flower farm to find something for Carolyn’s birthday.

What fun!  Thank you Julie for helping to create the perfect bouquet to honor a dear lady.

Your Dahlias are Dahling Dahling!

Depoe Bay was glorious, it truly has been a spectacular year of perfect weather on the Oregon Coast.  We were not the only ones to enjoy the sunshine.

And of course you can’t get away without the ubiquitous sunset shot.

Except I couldn’t decide which one I liked best.

After leaving Depoe Bay we headed back to the valley for me to go to my 25th High School Reunion.  It was lovely to see my wonderful friends.  A huge thank you goes out to Heather Jones for making it happen. 

While I was hanging with friends, Victor was partying with family in celebration of Uncle Earl’s 80th Birthday.  What a good looking group of siblings!

Our next adventure was a bit of a last minute decision which will have it’s own post but I will give you a little hint.  It started with All Aboard!