Here Fishy Fishy Fishy

October 16, 2019 0 By Jeanah Bartruff

Our visit to Eagle Crest with Vic and Carolyn did not get off to the best start.  We arrived to discover that Victor’s cord for his brand new sleep machine was not with us.  Walmart did not have a workable solution so it was a restless night.  The next day starts at 4:30 for a fishing trip at East Lake.

Fortunately the day is bright and beautiful, the lake is calm and the boat Vic rented is super comfy.

The fish seemed to agree the lake was a nice place as they resisted all attempts to persuade them to the surface. When the wind picked up our lures became a tangled mess and this scene was repeated…   

Over and over.

Despite no tasty tasty fish coming home with us it was a spectacular day on the lake.

On the way home we stopped at Norco Medical supply to get a new sleep machine cord.  Much to our surprise, you can buy a new sleep machine but not just the cord.  We tried contacting every place the interwebs suggested in 150 mile radius.  The only one available was in Salem but the store closed at 5:00 so there was no way we could make it in time.  Aaaargh!  What to do?

My awesome uncle Jim who lives in Salem came to the rescue and purchased the cord for us before they closed.  Vic and Carolyn lovingly offered to drive us to Salem as we were pretty punchy from lack of sleep.  It made for a long day for everyone but oh boy the zzzz’s we got that night were like the best medicine.

One of our favorite things to do at Eagle Crest is play the natural 18 hole putt putt course.  As we made it through the whole thing without any of us falling down we are counting it as a win.

Back in La Grande we spent a day with my dad and his friend Gordon learning to butcher out a beef.

We even spit in the eye of the fishless curse and spent a day at Pilcher reservoir with dad.

But the fish would have none of it and we left skunked again.  Poor dad, I hope we didn’t taint his lovely fishing hole with the curse.

On the way to meeting Vic and Carolyn at Long Beach we enjoyed this glorious sunset.

Putzing around Long Beach we did touristy things.

And rising early was not one of them.

Victor made a friend.

And in general we hung out and enjoyed the beach.

Good times.