Winter Schminter – Lets go to the Beach!

January 25, 2019 0 By Jeanah Bartruff

What do you do when cold weather is coming and you have some timeshare credits to use up?  You go to the Beach!  And that is where we stayed for 4 weeks between November and the beginning of December.  We stayed the entirety of these 4 weeks at the cozy Gleneden Beach WorldMark.

It was a lovely home away from home and our room could not have been more happily situated.

And the weather! Oh my stars! We were here a total of 28 days and it rained only 3 days. It was sunshiny and bright and neither of us have ever experienced such amazing conditions on the Oregon Coast.

Most every day was this beautiful!

And every night was this good-lookin!

Even when it did rain, we still got a show.

But the best times are when dear friends came to hang out with us. Amy, Anya, Willow and Eowyn – we had such a great time with you!

See brave/crazy Willow in the above picture?
Just after this picture was taken, a whale breached just on the other side of the biggest wave in front of her. This giant of the deep made it’s way north up the coastline breaching every so often. Crazy cool!

We headed back to the Valley for Thanskgiving week, Victor stayed at his folks house for the Holiday and the Beavers’ Civil War game. I split my time between 3 dear groups of people both in the valley and LaGrande. A big thank you to the Parkers, the Donaldsons and the Pidcocks for opening your homes to this wandering soul.

And back to the beach for more gratuitous sunset shots…We may not have a picture of all the wonderful friends that took time out of their lives to come spend time with us while we were here but please know, we feel so fortunate to have you in our lives. 

December 10th we headed back to LaGrande for a few days. We needed to get ready for the next adventure because it’s gonna be a Doozy!