Idaho:  Victor, shaken not stirred Mini & Beaver Dick

September 13, 2018 0 By Jeanah Bartruff

We were sad to leave our little paradise.

Three whole days of this and we were full of pep and vinegar when we headed out.


Of course we had to drive through…

I admit, I was jealous.  To my knowledge there is no place on the planet named Jeanah.

But this made me feel better.

Because oh my gosh how freakin’ cute is this!  Be still my heart.


We putzed around Rexburg, Idaho which is where Victors’ appointment was scheduled for the following day and scoped out a place to stay for the evening.

And boy did we find one.

Beaver Dick park is located on Henry’s Fork of the Snake River.  This was the first campsite that we actually shelled out money for.  Five whole dollars! If you stay the limit which is 5 days here, that number drops to 3 bucks a day.

But it was worth it because this was the back end of our campsite.

We were in desperate need of dumping some trash, there was restrooms and picnic tables and a dock and the place was practically deserted.

Make fun of the name all you want.  We sure did.

This water was like glass in the morning.  The only ripples were the occasional fish jumping.  

And before Jake and Olesya ask.  Sadly no, we do not have fishing licenses.  I looked into it and for the four states we have traveled through in this brief amount of time it would have been $432.50 in license fees for each of us.  Yipes! Maybe down the road we will stay put for long enough to warrant the expense because I wouldn’t mind some fresh trout.  

The doctors visit was a bit of a bust in Rexburg so we continued on to Boise for help with Victor’s leg wound.  We stayed there for the last two nights of our trip visiting a new Vascular Surgeon and the wound care clinic at St. Luke’s Hospital.  Great place, nice folks and free RV spots with electric and water hookups for patients and their families.

At the end of all that bit of chaos we needed to come home for follow-up care instead of pushing on with our journey.  We are back in La Grande now and doing some home improvement projects and van tweaking while the healing continues. I’m sure we will be back on the road before too long.  In the meantime, we are enjoying some time with family and Dingo the cat. And regular showers. Those are pretty nice too.