West Yellowstone: Old Faithful, Rogue Children & Wicked Witches

September 9, 2018 1 By Victor

We both wake early because: EXCITED!  A hot beverage and we are on our way to the Park’s West entrance.  After downloading the Yellowstone app (which is freakin’ amazing) we flash the gatekeepers our shiny new America the Beautiful pass, and drive on thru.  Giggling maniacally, we hold hands and flash grins at each other- because it’s a Monday morning and we are in YELLOWSTONE! I did not realize seeing Old Faithful has been a childhood dream of Victor’s until he is getting emotional just talking about it.  The handy app map shows us where we are in the park as well as the prediction times for Old Faithful. We can make the next one…

The dark grey Nissan Rogue from North Carolina has other plans.  Yellowstone speed limit 45. Our Rogue friends with the ironic license blurb “First in Flight” have chosen to go between 26 and 30mph.  Aaaaaargh! We have obviously not hit the point in our travels where we are laid-back and chill with all the time in the world a la que sera, sera.  We get there just as this…

…starts to happen.  And just like that, a dream realized.  Oh the joy! And thank goodness, because who knows when that thing would have gone off next.

Scratch that.

I guess we all do.

We did find this little gem particularly horrifying…

So if you see a young tourist boy from the 60’s who wears fake adidas and is playing a dangerous game of Whac-a-mole, an eruption is likely imminent. You have been WARNED! (Editor’s Note: Victor could hardly control his giggles when he saw this picture)

Our next visit was to the aptly named Sapphire Pool.  

Not only stunningly beautiful, the entire area was wheelchair accessible via boardwalks and paths.  So much of Yellowstone was like this. If you or a loved one has accessibility issues, don’t let that stop you.

Great effort has been made to expand the enjoyment for so many.

Sadly, that does not include the Wicked Witch of the West…

whose last recorded words were…

“Bugger it.”

Rest in Peace WWOTW.  Rest in Peace. (her name was evidently Elphaba)

Honestly, I was a sucker for any pic with that blue in it.

While Victor leans toward the weirdly creepy and Post Apocalyptical.

The weather took a decided turn at this point and the heavens opened up.  It was 40 degrees and raining with a little snow mixed in for good measure.  We watched as the summer clad bicycle tourists and their tiny strapped on camping gear, pedaled their way into the mist.

We on the other hand, headed back out the West entrance to stay the night at the WorldMark Resort in W. Yellowstone.

Laundry and Showers and Heat, Oh My!